Welcome and hello, this is my no nonsense, easy to read blog about my experience when I self represented in an employment tribunal, after I took my employer to court. I hope it is useful for anyone having to or wanting to self represent themselves in an employment tribunal, like I did – I won.

I succeeded in representing myself in a year long, employment case. I am not a barrister, I am not a solicitor but I am someone who self represented from the start to the finish in a very complicated case. I succeeded when all the odds were stacked against me. I self represented against two solicitors and a barrister. Everyone told me that I would not win and not to bother. I believed from the start that I had suffered a great injustice – and that injustice was put right, the proof being my success.

My own story is that I lost my job very wrongfully and in a combat to have this addressed, I realised that actually today, for the employee in the UK, you have very little opportunity to exercise your rights unless you have a lot of time and money; even less amidst the changes to legal aid.

As a single parent with two children to feed, realising this made me question what I should do. But I did fight it, as I felt I had no option but to and it took me nearly one year to get it to court. One year is a very long time when you have hardly any money in your purse, two children to feed, contractual payments to meet, no one else that can help or that really cares, alongside the monthly threat of eviction for rent arrears whilst  job hunting, representing yourself legally and studying a degree. You realise at times like this, that really you are absent of friends and alone. Virtues and morals become your total independence.

I hope that my guide will help you, pick you up and reinstall faith and hope when you think there is none (believe me  those days will probably occur, if your case was anything like mine) and point you in the right directions for helpful advice – these helpful hints would of saved me a lot of time and stress if I had of known about them from the start – Good luck.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful …


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