My campaign – Change UK Employment law

Change UK Employment Law

To: Jenny Willmott

Change UK Employment Law
To give employees more employment rights that are more easily enforceable without having to take employment tribunal action.

To  create a system of employment referencing that stops employers badly referencing employees, unlawfully.

To make employment law and the systems that function around them more transparent and accessible to employees.

To reduce the fees of employment tribunals.

Make wrongful / unfair dismissal automatically eligible for compensation.

Why is this important?

Because currently employment law is more enforceable on the employers side rather than the employee due to cost. This needs to change.

I lost my job in a very unfair situation and it took me one whole year to get a result through an employment tribunal. During this time, I had no work and had to claim benefits, I am a single parent with children, in rented accommodation. Because I started legal proceedings my X employer badly referenced me for future employments making it impossible to obtain work for one year.

During this year, due to the loss of employment and therefore money (wages), I accrued debt, rent arrears and am close to loosing my home. My health was affected and I had to have an ECG on my heart due to the stress.  My children and I could not afford to do anything but eat the bare minimum.

Any employment advice I could get for this was free as legal aid only covers employment issues of discrimmination and I had to wait weeks for appointments which contravened many timings that employment tribunals set due to employment law, which meant half of my claim was dismissed.

After winning my case one year on, the tribunal could only accord one weeks notice pay and a bit of outstanding holiday pay due to current UK Employment law. This is nothing compared to what I lost and the debts I incurred. Now being out of work for one year, I have had to accept an employment paying half my normal wage, which puts me nearly five years back in my earnings.

All this is grossly unfair and doesn't help anyone BUT the employer, employment law needs to change, please change it.

Feel free to read how this affected my life here:

How it will be delivered

By email, in person and a press conference if I can.

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