So, you think you have a case – do you?

This may seem for you a ridicolous question  – but it is one that you need to ask yourself again and again. Rest assured if you are taking a claim to an employment tribunal you need to be sure that you have reason that it is ‘fit and equitable’ and you need to be sure of your facts that you have real reason for bringing a claim, anything less than this could possibly land you with your claim being struck out and/or costs awarded to you.

By that I mean that sometimes you can be dismissed or loose a job for many reasons, but it is only if the courts deem it to be  legally unfair or unreasonable  that they may consider the case and even then, in order that you succeed you need to have an idea of what laws have been broken. You will need to have an idea of this to prepare your defence. That means the argument or statement that you are going to put forward to the courts in support of your claim. But if you don’t know, say so, you can still tell the courts what ‘you’ think or feel to be right and wrong, fair or unfair. You don’t need fancy words, you don’t need to know everything about  the law, to succeed.

Judges are extremely clever and they know the law, inside out, better than anyone. Remember they would of seen a lot of cases and a lot of characters before you, there is no fooling them, so don’t try to. If you want the courts to respect your words and have belief in your claims you must respect the truth and you must respect the chair of justice and be totally honest – even if this means that you admit that perhaps you did not behave in the best way, or say something in the best way concerning the particulars of your case.

So now, if you are sure you think you have a case, please read the next blog.


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